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Cataract screening in a village in Xiangyun. CHINA. © Gu Zongzu/ORBIS.
Cataract screening in a village in Xiangyun. CHINA. © Gu Zongzu/ORBIS.

The Chinese edition of the Community Eye Health Journal aims to ensure that up-to-date and relevant eye care information reaches rural primary health workers who have poor access to eye health information in China. The journal is also sent to China’s policy-makers and leaders in prevention of blindness.

The Chinese edition is co-ordinated, published and distributed twice a year by the China National Society for Prevention of Blindness under the direction of the International Centre for Eye Health, publisher of the International edition of the Community Eye Health Journal. Circulation is currently 6,000.

Chinese edition of Community Eye Health Journal

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Impact of the Chinese edition

China is home to one of the world’s largest populations of blind people, an estimated 6.6 million people1. The main cause is cataract; trachoma is still endemic in some provinces, and children go blind through Vitamin A deficiency and measles. Lack of adequately-trained eye care personnel is a problem, combined with their uneven distribution – most work in cities and major centres, while about two-thirds of the population is rural.

A reader survey carried out with the 11th issue of the Chinese edition received 500 responses and most people felt that the Chinese edition is useful for primary eye health workers, and they were keen to see it continue.

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The Chinese edition gratefully acknowledges its core supporter: Lions Clubs International

Our publisher, the International Centre of Eye Health, is actively seeking funding to continue and develop the Chinese edition. If your organisation is interested in finding out more about becoming a core supporter of the Chinese edition, please see our core supporters page. We are also very grateful to receive donations towards the work of the Chinese edition from individuals.


1. Leshan Tan. Increasing the volume of cataract surgery: an experience in rural China. Comm Eye Health 2006;19(60): 61-63