Comm Eye Health Vol. 17 No. 49 2004 pp 13. Published online 01 March 2004.

Sight restored at 101: a story from China

Sholto Chan

International Liaison, He Eye Hospital, Shenyang, China

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“How many fingers do you see?”

“Five” exclaimed an excited Sue-lan Feng who, at 101 years old, had been blind for two years; “it’s great to have a bright future again at my age!”

During pre-surgery inspection, Dr He reminded Madam Feng to hold still. “You mean I can’t even blink?” The dear old lady seriously wanted to clarify.

It took merely ten minutes, yet vision was restored for the centenarian lady who had suffered from cataract for some twenty years. This was the first cataract surgery for a centenarian from Shenyang (population 7.2 million in north eastern China), but the second for He Eye Hospital Group.

The intraocular lens implantation was by no means without intricacies, considering the advanced age of the patient. Dr He chose phacoemulsification small incision ECCE as the procedure, not only to reduce any possible complications and risks, but also to offer Madam Feng a painless experience, and a speedy recovery.

This episode benefited more than Madam Feng herself. Her daughter and son-in-law, 64 and 65 respectively, could take care of her easier now because their prayers for her restored vision were answered.