Comm Eye Health Vol. 34 No. 112 2021. Published online 31 January, 2022

Update on glaucoma

A female ophthalmologist measuring the pressure of a female patient's right eye at the slit lamp
Screening for glaucoma. COLOMBIA © Fernando Yaacov Pena CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Glaucoma affects millions of people worldwide, but it is difficult to diagnose and manage. In this issue, we have included practical articles to help clinicians facing the challenge of providing care to glaucoma patients. Topics include glaucoma detection and diagnosis, gonioscopy (a vital examination technique), the latest guidelines for open-angle glaucoma management, and tips for managing neovascular glaucoma and the painful, blind eye. We also look at the importance of counselling and how low vision support can benefit patients with vision loss due to glaucoma.

Articles in this issue –