Reader Case Study – George Ngwee

My name is Dr George Soromtochukwu Ngwee and I am from Nigeria. I grew up in the Ebonyi state and studied Optometry in Abia State University Uturu. I am currently a Doctor of Optometry. My other passion is writing and public speaking, and I am hoping to pursue a career in medical journalism.

During one of our classes in ocular pathology in my 4th year, the professor asked a question on differential diagnosis of red eyes. He ended the class by showing us a CEHJ issue which showed how to examine red eyes and give differential diagnoses.

I’ve now been reading the journal for nearly 4 years, and I mostly access it online through the journal app on my phone. This makes it useful to download and read journal articles offline for when I need them. I have shared the application with other friends and colleagues.

I subscribed to the journal because of how it treats cases and exposes readers to ways you can handle eye related cases with the available resources you have. The CEHJ served as a resource while I was planning my thesis on visual screening, and it helped me see the need to be involved in eye health.

I have come across different eye health journals and I think the CEHJ is the best. My knowledge of how to plan an eye care outreach, assisted by the journal, is helping people in my area. The issue on how to handle eye emergencies will help me train and be prepared for any emergency eye issues. Many people in my country would benefit from it.

I like that the journal tries to reach out to rural communities and helps the international health community recognise the efforts of eye care practitioners. Each issue gives a three-dimensional picture of the case, like the issue on microbial keratitis.

One of the best things I learnt from this magazine, is how to produce a fluorescein strip. I also learned how to plan a school eye health programme and how to get community leaders involved in eye health. It was through the journal I also found out about Peek Vision and their tools.

If you want to be an outstanding eye care professional, The Community Eye Health Journal is the best journal you can read!