News and notices. July 21, 2014

World Sight Day: 9 October 2014

World Sight Day 2014 is on 9 October 2014 (the second Thursday of October). This year, the ‘call to action’ for World Sight Day is: ‘No more Avoidable Blindness’.

Organisations can use this opportunity to draw attention to a few key interventions that are crucial for the success of the WHO Global Action Plan (GAP): reducing avoidable blindness by 25%, by 2019. Organisations can identify various aspects of the GAP that need urgent attention. They are also invited to customise the call to action to their disease area, i.e. “No more Cataract” or “No more Trachoma”, for example.

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is producing promotional material like posters and a World Sight Day brochure. Organisations are invited to download print-quality posters and design templates and print them locally.