News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 17 No. 52 2004. December 01, 2004

Useful resources (Trachoma)

Community Eye Health Journal issues on the theme of trachoma


  • Francis V and Turner V. Achieving community support for trachoma control – a guide for district health work.
    Geneva: WHO; 1993. WHO/PBL93.36. Available in English and French.
    Available from World Health Organization and ORCEA
  • Negrel A D, Taylor H R, West S. Guidelines for the rapid assessment of blinding trachoma.
    Geneva: WHO; 2001. WHO/PBD/GET/00.8
    Available from World Health Organization
  • Reacher M, Foster A, Huber J. Trichiasis surgery for trachoma – the bilamellar tarsal rotation procedure.
    Geneva: WHO;1993. WHO/PBL/93.29.
    Available in English.
    Available from World Health Organization and ORCEA
  • Sutter E, Foster A, Francis V. Hanyane – A village struggles for eye health.
    London: Macmillan Publishers Ltd; 1989.
    Available in English and French.
    Available from ICEH Price: £5.00 + post and packaging to developing countries
  • World Health Organization (WHO). The SAFE strategy: Preventing trachoma. A guide for environmental sanitation and improved hygiene.
    Geneva: WHO; 2000. WHO/PBD/ GET/00.7
    Available in English and French (bilingual publication).
    Available from World Health Organization and ORCEA
  • World Health Organization (WHO). Trachoma Grading Card – a double-sided, illustrated card explaining a simplified grading system for recognising trachoma.
    Available in English only. Available from World Health Organization and ORCEA
  • Trachoma information materials in Portuguese.
    Available from Service De Oftalmologia Sanitaria
  • Sutton S, Nkoloma H. Encouraging change.
    This book aims to enable people toimprove their well being through better water supply, water use, sanitation and hygiene.
    Available from TALC. Price: £6.00
  • Sutton S, Nkoloma H. Low cost water improvements.
    Available from TALC. Price £5.25
  • The TALC Fly Trap.
    Leaflet on how to make a simple trap to reduce the fly population.
    Available free from TALC


ICEH Trachoma Slides/Text Teaching Series Second edition 1999

This teaching set discusses risk factors for the transmission of Chlamydia trachomatis, clinical features of the eye disease using the simplified WHO classification, medical and surgical treatments and preventive measures including recommendations for personal and community hygiene and sanitation. It particularly emphasises the SAFE strategy for the control of trachoma.
Available from ICEH Price: £15 + post and packaging for developing countries; £20 + post and packaging elsewhere. Also available to download as a PowerPoint presentation, Word document and PDF.


Wellcome Trust. Trachoma CD-ROM 2nd Edition

A guide to trachoma and the SAFE Strategy (due 2005). The 2nd edition of the popular Trachoma CD-ROM, part of the award-winning series of ‘Topics in International Health’ discs will be available in 2005. This fully revised and expanded edition will contain 10 highly visual interactive tutorials. Each tutorial includes key references and self-assessments. The CD-ROM also has a searchable image collection with over 200 high-quality images (each accompanied by a detailed description), and a broad, easy-touse glossary of medical and scientific terms. This Trachoma CD-ROM 2nd edition is produced with support from The International Trachoma Initiative, Sight Savers International and Christian Blind Mission International.
Information about this disc available from website:, email: [email protected]
Postal address: PGIH (Trachoma 2nd edition CD-ROM), The Wellcome Trust, 215 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE. Fax: +44 (0) 20 7611 8270. Please mark the fax TRACHOMA 2nd Ed CD-ROM.

    ASTRA is a rapid and reliable tool for classifying communities according to the prevalence of active trachoma. If coupled with spatial sampling techniques the method may be used to map trachoma prevalence over wide areas at reasonable cost. Operational research into using ASTRA to map the wide area prevalence of trachoma is currently ongoing in Vietnam. A CD ROM describing the ASTRA method is available. This CD ROM provides training material (video, slides, and manuals), background documents, and data collections forms for the ASTRA method as well as easy to use software for developing LQAS sampling plans. The CD ROM is available free of charge. Available from Mark Myatt, Brixton Health, 8 China Street, Llanidloes, Powys SY18 6AB, Wales, UK Email: [email protected]
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