News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 15 No. 42 2002. June 01, 2002

Repair & Reconstruction: A Journal for Injury, Deformity and Disease

The first two issues of this new Journal have had the theme: Burn Injury.

Articles in the second issue include:

Hand burns, head & neck burns, perineal burns, chemical burns, chemical eye injuries, electrical burn, treatment of burn contractures and surgery (Y to V plasty; Z-plasty).

The Journal is presently distributed FREE of charge. This is a publication of the International Community Trust for Health and Educational Services (ICTHES).

Contact address: DD Murray McGavin MD FRCS (Ed) Managing Editor ICTHES PO Box 408, Bankhead Avenue Edinburgh EH11 4HE Scotland, UK

New Journals!

Two further journals are planned.

  • Journal of Community Ear & Hearing Health

  • Developing Mental Health.

If you or a colleague are interested in these journals please write to: Dr Murray McGavin – at the address in Edinburgh.

News and notices in Comm Eye Health Vol. 15 No. 42 2002 –