News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 11 No. 26 1998. June 01, 1998

Other teaching resources for primary eye care and related topics

The following teaching resources are available from the addresses given. Limited space will allow for only a selection of titles. Please contact the specific organisation direct for purchasing details, etc. (These details are correct at the time of going to press)

Eye Care at Primary Level
A training manual for medical officers. Available in English only.

DANPCB A-1/148 Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi, India

Basic Eye Care
A comprehensive 152-page manual for community eye health workers in remote areas covering the most common eye health problems. A card game, illustrations and 30 slides are included. Available in English only.

Simple Eye Care
A simple easy-to-use 24-page reference booklet for those health workers with minimal formal training in eye care. Available in English and French. Helen Keller International 90 Washington Street New York NY 10006, USA

Hanyane: A Village Struggles for Eye Health
A practical textbook which deals with primary eye care in the context of health and development. Available in English and French from this source. Advice on a Hindi version given on request.

International Resource Centre ICEH 11-43 Bath Street London, EC1V 9EL, UK

Primary Eye Care
A slide and text set, suitable for doctors, nurses and primary health care workers, which deals with the recognition and treatment of common eye disorders. Available in English only.

TALC PO Box 49 St Albans Hertfordshire, AL1 5TX, UK

Management of Cataract in Primary Health Care
Now in its second edition, this 34-page book outlines a comprehensive strategy to deal with cataract blindness using the primary health care system. Available in English, French and Spanish.

Primary Health Care Level Management of Trachoma
A training manual and 30 colour slides. Suitable for training health workers in the assessment and control of trachoma. Available in English only.

Prevent Blindness through Primary Eye Care
A pictorial coloured poster, for use as a guide and quick reference, dealing with eye injuries, and common eye disorders of acute and gradual onset. Available in English and French.

WHO Distribution and Sales 1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland

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