News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 11 No. 27 1998. September 01, 1998

Book review. Ocular infection: investigation and treatment in practice.

Authors: D Seal, A Bron and J Hay

This really useful book comprehensively covers the field of ocular infections and is an important contribution to the prevention of blindness. Eight chapters cover general topics such as pathogenisis of infection, ocular immunology and pharmacology and epidemiology applicable to ocular infection, together with specific infections of ocular tissues and systems.

Professor Philip Thomas writes on tropical ophthalmomycoses. Chapter eight deals with hospital acquired infections, covering clinics, operating theatres, surgical prophylaxis and eye banking hygiene. Eight appendices contain very practical information on microbiological methods, formulations of antimicrobial agents and treatment regimens.

The authors are all experts of international renown in the field of ophthalmic infection and microbiology. The text is attractive, clearly laid-out and beautifully illustrated with diagrams and coloured plates. Recommended reading and references are also given.

This volume will become indispensable reading for those dealing with eye infections as it presents essential information on patient management in both temperate and tropical areas. It is a ‘must’ not only for ophthalmologists but also microbiologists, infectious disease physicians, pharmacists, ophthalmic nursing staff and all medical and nursing libraries. At £35.00 it is a bargain. Perhaps a handy, cheaper paperback version would improve availability for developing countries.

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