News and notices. Comm Eye Health Vol. 14 No. 39 2001. September 01, 2001

International Glaucoma Association

The International Glaucoma Association, a registered charity based in London, is a membership organisation with 26 years experience in helping people with glaucoma.

The aims today are the same as those of 26 years ago, when our founders and first members, a group of patients, doctors and medical staff at Kings College Hospital, London gave us a vision in our articles of association:

  • To preserve sight by the education of patients, the public, medical practitioners and allied professions in the problems of glaucoma, especially (but without limiting the generality of the foregoing) those problems involved in its early recognition and the maintenance of a high standard of treatment
  • To advance or facilitate research into the causes, treatment and alleviation of glaucoma and to ensure the dissemination of the results of such research to the professions and the public.

In many cases, lack of awareness, know-ledge or support can become a major factor in the deterioration of any medical condition.

Failure to understand the need for early detection and effective treatment leads to much unnecessary blindness in the world today. The Association is developing a number of different initiatives to provide information to the public and professionals alike wherever they may be. Further, we have an international individual personal and professional membership together with an affiliate programme for similar organisations anywhere in the world.

Our information service and support to the community is, we believe, second to none:

These services are supported by a range of leaflets (developed from the questions of our friends and members to our Sightline) which are freely available to all.

Over the last year we have been improving our systems so as to be of service to more people. These developments will be implemented and available over the next year to support all those who need our help.

As a charity we are funded entirely by the donations of our members, friends and the general public. This generosity from those we have helped and colleagues enable us to fund our information services and helpline, run awareness campaigns and research into the causes and treatment of glaucoma.

The vision and spirit of service of our team; members, friends, donors, doctors and staff has not changed in a new century – we are willing and able to help those who need our help.

For further information please contact us: Woodcote House 15 Highpoint Business Village Henwood, Ashford Kent TN24 8DH. Our Sightline (helpline) number is: 01233 64 81 70. Our Administration number is: 01233 64 81 64. Our Website is:

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