Comm Eye Health Vol. 33 No. 108 2020 pp 92. Published online 30 March 2020.

Key community eye health messages: Viral infections of the eye

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Herpes simplex keratitis is common. It can present in different forms. Antiviral treatment is recommended. Do not use steroids in dendritic or geographic ulcers.

Close up image of a fluorescein stained eye with viral infection

Herpes zoster ophthalmicus can cause corneal damage and iritis, especially when the nasociliary nerve is affected as shown by a rash on the tip of the nose.

Close up of a man's face showing clinical presentation
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Zika infection in pregnancy can cause congenital Zika syndrome in a newborn baby. All babies suspected of having been exposed to Zika virus in utero should have a full eye examination.

Three mothers holding their babies who were affected by zika in utero