Comm Eye Health Vol. 27 No. 86 2014 pp 01. Published online 21 July 2014.

About this issue

Elmien Wolvaardt Ellison

Editor: Community Eye Health Journal

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This issue is about teamwork for eye care, and about how eye teams can function more effectively to address blindness and improve eye health in the communities where the need is greatest.

Our authors look at the various people involved: ophthalmic nurses, ophthalmic clinical officers, ophthalmologists, optometrists, the surgical team, and managers. But there are many more people whose enthusiastic and skilled participation is essential for both good clinical outcomes and a good patient experience: low vision and rehabilitation workers, teachers, community health workers, equipment technicians, receptionists, cleaners, drivers, and outreach workers – to name but a few.

A good indicator of a team that is functioning well is that people are enjoying working together. What can be better than doing worthwhile work with people you respect and appreciate, and who each bring unique skills, perspectives and energy to the team?

But great teamwork does not always come naturally. This issue therefore looks at the importance of establishing a culture of teamwork right at the start, when people are undergoing training. We focus on good leadership, which is needed to keep team members focused on what is important, on the goals the team wants to achieve, and on good planning and management, all of which helps to support and facilitate teamwork. There is advice on how to function within a team and improve the effectiveness of the team. Other articles look at various groups of eye health workers, the challenges they face, and how these are being addressed to improve teamwork.

We hope you will enjoy this issue and that you will be inspired to make positive changes where you work.