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Training for mid-level managers: Supportive supervision

Supportive supervision is a process of helping staff to improve their own work performance continuously. It is carried out in a respectful and non-authoritarian way with a focus on using supervisory visits as an opportunity to improve knowledge and skills of health staff.

This training module aims to help managers to obtain the maximum benefit from every supervisory visit, from the training of supervisors, through managing a system of supervisory visits to following up and solving problems after the supervisory session.

The module was written originally for mid-level managers integrating training for the introduction of a new vaccine. However, the content is also applicable and useful for eye care managers.

Topics covered include:

  • Setting up a supportive supervision system
  • Planning regular supportive supervision visits
  • Conducting a supervisory visit
  • Follow-up activities

Publisher: World Health Organization (WHO)

Published: 2008

Download the training module from the WHO website (PDF)